Summary Edit

Adamantine is an extremely dense and heavy material. Its ore is called adamantite. A single fist-sized chunk of adamantine weighs over a thousand pounds. Adamantine can be used to make very strong, tough and durable weapons that even Deity-level combatants will find difficult to break, so it is very useful. However, as it is so tough and durable, it is exceedingly difficult to forge.

In the Yulan continent, it is very rare and valuable as it does not exist naturally in material planes, only in Higher Planes. A fist-sized chunk of adamantine is considered huge and its worth would be greater than that of a Saint-level magicite core. In contrast, in the Infernal Realm, its ore is very common and can be found almost everywhere.


Linley's chunk of Adamantine in the Yulan Continent

Uses Edit

  • Lock of the jail cell in the Radiant Church for Saint-level combatants in Fenlai City