Barker Armand is the oldest of the Armand brothers and member of the Undying Warrior Clan.




Barker is the eldest of five brothers and he is a saint-level warrior of the Undying warrior clan, which is one of the Four Supreme Warrior clans of the Yulan continent. He became a warrior of the eighth rank without using battle-Qi as well as his brothers.

Barker joined Linley in the Necropolis of the gods however on the third floor he was confronted with the Ba-serpent and he could not continue with Linley to pass through to the fourth floor as the Ba-serpent proceeded to kill many of the saints present Barker was hit with a Ba-Serpents tail but managed to survive due to the Ba-Serpent sparing his life and was sent to the exit which led back to the second floor.

He is later given a Divine Spark by Linley to attain Deityhood.

Barker later on marries Leena[1].


He was the first out of the Five Armand bothers to reach Saint level in human form and in Undying Warrior form.

References Edit

  1. Book 10, Chapter 48

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