The Baruch Empire was originally founded by Linley with the intent of hindering the Radiant Church in the Anarchic Lands.Whole Empire is ruled by Baruch Clan. The Baruch Empire has united the entirety of the Yulan Continent and is currently ruling both the Yulan and Dragonblood Continents. Linley is to the Baruch Empire and Baruch Clan something like O'Brian was to O'Brian Empire.


At first, Linley and his group went to the Anarchic Lands, where they took over ownership of Blackdirt City, located in the Anarchic Lands. After having established themselves, they began conquering surrounding city's until they were big enough to found the Baruch Duchy. Shortly afterwards, the Baruch Kingdom was founded. After Linley and his group won the battle against the Radiant Church and the Cult of Shadow's forces, they took over the entire territory of the Anarchic Lands and founded the Baruch Empire.

Currently the Empire is controlling both the Yulan Continent and the Dragonblood Continent. It's capital is called Baruch City in the Yulan Continent, but the real powers of the Empire are situated in the Dragonblood Castle, the place where all of the Empire's deity level individuals gather. Linley resides within this castle whenever he come to the Yulan Plane.

Dragonblood Castle Edit

Castle build on mine in Baruch Empire.Linley ordered build castle here after he discovered mysterious place (built by Beirut) in order to protect it.Even thought Baruch City is capital of empire but the most important place of both continents ruled by Baruch Clan.

Linley resides within this castle whenever he come to the Yulan Plane.Dragonblood Castle has most diety level experts of the Yulan plane.Some descendants of Baruch Clan live here too and Linley's friend too.

Guard of Dragonblood Castle is called Divine Guard and even the weakest individuals are warriors of the 9th rank. Saints and even deity level experts are very common in the castle.


Trivia Edit

After Linley went to the Anarchic Lands, Delia gave him the condition of founding a Duchy before she would come and see him in the Anarchic Lands[1].

  • Yulan calendar, year 10010. April 16th. The Baruch Duchy was founded[2].
  • Yulan calendar, year 10010. July 21st. The Baruch Kingdom was founded[3].
  • Yulan calendar, year 10023. January 1st. The Baruch Empire was founded.


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