Beaumont was one of the Demigods that escaped the Gebados Planar Prison, decades after Linley took the godsword Bloodviolet and unsealed it.

History Edit

Beaumont forced the Grand Warlock to refine souls for him, so that he could get a Golden Soul Pear, however, Linley killed the Grand Warlock , before he could even give Beaumont the Pearl, not that he ever intended to give it to him.

With the Grand Warlock dead, Beaumont now had no means of refining souls. However, luckily for him, he came upon the Three Eyed Winged Man, Chiquita, who naturally possesses the ability to refine souls. However, later, Beaumont, too, died at the hands of Linley, at the Great Botha Levee, just before Oliviers sword strike struck, resulting in the main seal to the Gebados Planar Prison, just under the Botha Levee, being broken, and thousands of Saints and Deities escaped[1].

References Edit

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