Powers and Abilities Edit

Affinities Edit

  • He can eat Divine Sparks and refine them to make Godspark weapons which are only slightly inferior to sovereign artifacts.
  • Beirut's Divine Clone in the Infernal Realm is one of the Sovereign emissaries of the Bloodridge Sovereign.

Rank 1-9Edit





His Divine Darkness Clone in the Infernal Realm is a Highgod with the power of an Asura (or above). Indeed, he is a Prefect in the Indigo Prefecture, in the Bloodridge Continent.

Lesser Sovereign Edit

Beirut's Divine Clone in the Yulan PLane turns out to be a Lower Wind Sovereign.

It is one of the strongest Lower Sovereign of Wind due to his innate abilities and defense as a Godeater Rat.


  • Sovereign Artifact (A black staff)
  • Soul protecting Sovereign Artifact given to Bebe

Magical BeastsEdit

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