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Elder Blue was known as the clan’s ‘Genius Elder’[1].

According to legend, his power was only inferior to that of the Patriarch and the Grand Elder, and was vastly superior to that of the other Elders. Thus making him one of the three ‘trump cards’ of the clan.

In addition, when their ancestor, the ‘Azure Dragon’ was still alive, he doted dearly on Blue, and had spent a large amount of effort to strengthen Blue’s body, making Blue’s body extremely powerful[2].

After the leaders of the Four Divine Beast Clans decided to stop waging an openly war against the Eight Great Clans, he couldn't take it and went to fight them on his own. Elder Blue travelled by himself, and he actually managed to kill eight enemy Elders. Afterwards, the Eight Great Clans were enraged, and they actually sent out one of their Patriarchs, along with multiple experts. In the battle that followed, Blue lost his most powerfull Divine Clone[3].

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References Edit

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