The Bowen Clan, one of the Four Divine Beast Clan, traces its ancestry back to the Black Tortoise, a Lesser Earth Sovereign Supreme Divine Beast. It is an extremely old clan which has existed for billions of years and whose descendants are Divine Beasts, which inherit a weaker version of the innate divine ability of their ancestor.

History Edit Edit

Created by the Black Tortoise and his descendants, the clan became incredibly powerful and well known due to it's alliance with the remaining three Divine Beast Clans and their respective Sovereign ancestors, the Nimo Clan, the Laius Clan and the Redding Clan.

At it's peak, the Bowen Clan was spreaded throughout the Four Higher Planes, the Seven Divine Planes and some material planes, one of which is the Yulan Plane. It was considered by many to be the greatest clan in the entire universe with only the Augusta Clan, of the Divine Light Plane, being a match.

Due to the death of the four Sovereigns that protected the clans, roughly ten thousand years ago, the Redding Clan entered a state of crisis, in which eight of their enemies from the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes joined in an alliance to destroy the Four Divine Beast Clan.

The clan was thus forced to recall and regroup all of it's branches, assembling in the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent of the Infernal Realm and being forced to stay in the Skyrite Mountains, where due to an agreement between the Prefecture Lord, Beirut, and the eight clans they are forbidden from attacking the Skyrite Mountains.

Location Edit

Once spread throughout the Higher and Divine Planes, it is currently located in the Four Divine Beast Clan Headquarters in the Skyrite Mountains of the Indigo Prefecture of the Infernal Realm.

Trivia Edit

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