Wharton's and Nina's son second Emperor of the Baruch Empire.




Cena was born a few years after Wharton and Nina settled in the capital of the Baruch Empire. He is 2 years older than Sasha and Taylor.

Cena, when given the choice, decided to drink the blood of the Thunder Lizard in order to rouse the Dragonblood lineage in their veins[1].

After his father, Wharton, retired from the seat of emperor, he was named the second emperor of the Baruch Empire[2].

At some time while Cena was the ruler of the Baruch Empire, he married and got a son, Kass Baruch.

During the Descent of the Gods arc, the imperial palace of the Baruch Empire was attacked and both Cena's wife and son died[3].



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