Rosarie (Frost Goddess Shrine)Edit

They are more than good friends, and often flirt with each other. He cares deeply about her.


His first and best friend ever. He often misses the times when they fought together. He is the reason he protects his descendants. Armand was an Undying Warrior

The Armand brothersEdit

He saves them from death when the Radiant Church wants to abduct them. He relies on Linley Baruch to protect them. He gave them the book which showed them how to cultivate their power (They are Undying Warriors).

Cecily Edit

In the Miluo Island, he falls in love with a woman called Cecily. She and Cesar had a mutual love, but she was to be married to Sequeira of the Bagshaw Clan, resulting in Cesar being left hearthbroken. Only after leaving Miluo Island did Cesar recover.