Deathgod Golems are a type of unique human-shaped weapon. You can consider it a human-shaped Divine Artifact.

Deathgod Golems are the same as divine artifacts. They are constructed from metal, and they have divine power; only, their divine power is provided by a ‘divine jewel’.

Deathgod Golems are incapable of soul attacks, but because they are weapons, they aren’t afraid of soul attacks either. In addition, their entire bodies are extremely hard. They are generally very hard to deal with[1].

The person controlling a Deathgod Golem had to first bind it with blood, which would allow him to then control the Deathgod Golem to attack others.

A single Deathgod Golem is far more complicated to assemble than a Divine Artifact, and the price is ridiculously high as well. Generally speaking, you would need a hundred million inkstones[2].

Delia is in possesion of a Deathgod Golem after the events of the Fiend Trial. Linley later purchases a bunch of Highgod level Deathgod Golems to use at the Planar War.

References Edit

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