A Grand Magus Saint

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He was first mentioned by the Wargod, O'Brien, when Linley informed him that he was planning to go to the Anarchic Lands. He told him that he is one of the prime saints of the Yulan Plane[1]. He was a legendary figure within the Radiant Church. and a dear friend to the Holy Emperor Ernst In that era, Desri was the spiritual leader of the Ascetics.His position was equivalent to the status of the current Lord Fallen Leaf.

The first time we see him, is when Reynolds first arrives at the mountain village, and decides to stay there. Miller talks to him about his daughters, Monica 's, relationship to Reynolds. Desri says that he can only suggest that Reynolds train hard, or he won't even get the mother's approval.[2]

He ended the conflict between Linley and the radiant church for the next 20 years and written treaty between the cult of shadows, Linley and the radiant church to not use saint level combatants in battle, if any side goes against it then the other three sides will join forces to destroy them.

His Divine Light Clone was killed by Ojwin's subordinate during an assault on dragon-blood castle when Ojwin set out to kill Linley to gain the support of the Baruch kingdom with the principle of "Killing the god they worshipped" . After the destruction of his divine clone it had deeply effected Desri when Linley was informed of this he paid a visit and in which gave him a demigod spark of death.

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