The Eight Great Clans are one of the strongest clans in the Coiling Dragon Universe.

Background Edit

A clan created by the alliance of eight clans. Amongst them is the Barbary clan which attacked from the Divine Water Plane, the Dean clan from the Divine Earth Plane, the Edric clan from the Higher Plane of the Life Realm, the Venna clan of the Divine Wind Plane, the Ashcroft clan of the Netherworld, the Chanel clan of the Divine Fire Plane, and also the Boleyn clan of the Celestial Realm.

History Edit

After the death of the Four Divine Beasts, eight of the clans who had held the deepest grudges against and had the most hatred for the Four Divine Beasts clan ended up actually slaughtering a path into the Infernal Realm. Seven of the Clans moved to the Infernal Realm from different planes.

Member Clans Edit

  • Barbary Clan
  • Dean Clan
  • Edric Clan
  • Venna Clan
  • Ashcroft Clan
  • Boleyn Clan
  • Chanel Clan
  • Reinales Clan

Trivia Edit

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