Lord Fallen Leaf is the Spiritual Leader of the Ascetics.


Fallen Leaf is an extremely poor and frail looking man, betraying his true power. He wears rags, fitting for a beggar, as clothes, and has a white beard, as well as white hair. He is extremely thin, and his skin saggs down, and his hand are like the claws of a chicken.


Fallen Leaf greatly despises those nobles who think themselves greater than the poor and unfortunate. He lives in the slums of Fenlai City, often helping the poor beggars there, f.ex when he healed an injured mother.[1]

He greatly values purity and kindness and won't train anyone who bears ill intent, as when he refused to train Linley Baruch , because he bore a great killing intent.


We first see Lord Fallen leaf, when Cardinal Guillermo takes Linley to meet him, with the purpose of having Linley become his diciple. However, Fallen Leaf refuses him, due to the great desire to kill that Linley bears.[2]

Later, after Apocalypse Day, he, along with his Ascetincs, meet with King Clayde and accompany him to the city of Hess, where they stay in a manor, bought by Clayde's son Shaq[3]

However, after only staying for a day or two, he already left the manor, together with only two of his Ascetics, and only a week later, the rest of the Ascetics left, leaving King Clayde at the mercy of Linley.[4]

Decades later, he met his final end by the hand of Linley, when the latter led his twenty five saints to the Sacred Isle, with the goal of the total desctruction of the Radiant Church


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