In the Yulan Plane, thousands of years ago, there appeared four powerful Supreme Warriors. All four of these Supreme Warriors possessed power comparable to an enormous dragon. They could wander amidst an army of millions at leisure, and easily take the head of any general! These Supreme Warriors were known as the Dragonblood Warrior, the Violetflame Warrior, the Tigerstriped Warrior and the Undying Warrior[1].

The Four Supreme Warrior Clans are descendants of the Four Divine Beast Clans.

The Four Supreme Warriors actually represent four ancient clans[2].

Near the end of the series it is revealed by Beirut that he actually created the Four Suppreme Warriors by experimenting with the Blood Essence of the Four Sovereign Divine Beasts' corpses.

Dragonblood Warrior Edit

The Baruch clan is the ancient clan in the Yulan Plane which contains the exalted bloodline of the Dragonblood Warriors. They are descendants of the Sovereign Azure Dragon.

Baruch, the very first Dragonblood Warrior of the Yulan continent. In the year 4560 of the Yulan calendar, outside the walls of the city of Linnan, Baruch did battle against a Black Dragon and a Titanic Frost Wyrm. In the end, he slew both the Titanic Frost Wyrm and the Black Dragon, causing his fame to be spread across the world. In the year 4579 of the Yulan calendar, along the coastline of the northern sea of the continent, Baruch did battle against a Nine-Headed Serpent Emperor. On that day, the waves crashed unceasingly and nearby cities crumbled, but after a vicious fight lasting a full day and night, Baruch finally executed the Nine-Headed Serpent Emperor… finally, Baruch founded the Baruch clan, and became the first leader of the Baruch clan.

Ryan [Rui’en] Baruch, the second Dragonblood Warrior of the Yulan continent. In the year 4690 of the Yulan calendar, in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, he defeated and subdued a Saint-level Golden Dragon, and became known as the Golden Dragonrider Saint. In the year 4697.

Hazard [Ha’ze’de] Baruch, the third Dragonblood Warrior of the Yulan continent. Born in the year 5360 of the Yulan calendar, in his very first battle, he fought fiercely with a Saint-level Bloody-eyed Maned Lion in the Mountain Range of the Setting Sun. He defeated the lion, forcing it to scurry away and flee, causing Hazard to become famous throughout the world.

Linley and Wharton as well as their children, (Taylor, Sasha and Cena) were all Dragonblood Warriors.

Violetflame Warrior Edit

They are descendants of the Vermilion Bird.

The famous blacksmith who forged Linley's Adamantine blade, Bladeless, was a member of the Violetflame Warriors Clan.

Tigerstriped Warrior Edit

They are descendants of the White Tiger.

Undying Warrior Edit

They are descendants of the Black Tortoise.

The five Armand brothers were descendants of the Undying Warrior Clan.

References Edit

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