Hogg Baruch
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Name Hogg Baruch
Also known as Lord Hogg
Status Alive (Revived)
Physical Description
Species Dragonblood Warriors
Age +10,000 years
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Lina Baruch (Wife)
Linley Baruch (First son)
Wharton Baruch (Second son)
Taylor Baruch (grandson)
Sasha Baruch (granddaughter)
Wade Baruch (grandson)
Cena Baruch (grandson)
Arnold Baruch (Great grandson)
Magical Beast
Occupation Black Knight Leader (Undead)
Affiliation Baruch Clan
Ranks Demigod
Profound Laws
Home Yulan Plane
Manhua Debut Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Light Novel Debut Book 1 - Chapter 1



Hogg cares deeply for the Baruch Clan which is shown when he hears about Linley's acceptance to Ernst Institute where he sheds tears of joy about reviving the Baruch Clan.


Hogg is the husband of Lina and the father of Linley and Wharton. He is also the former leader of the Baruch Clan, a branch of the infamous Redding Clan.

He died as a result of the wounds he was inflicted by Duke Patterson while investigating the matters surrounding the kidnapping of his wife.

He is later revived and granted back his memories by the Chief Sovereign of Death since Linley fulfilled her conditions for reviving his lost friends and family. He travels along with Linley and his friends to be reunited with his family[1].


References Edit

  1. Book 19, Chapter 64

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