the Commander of the Zealots of the radiant church one of the four strongest.

He uses a a three meter long longstaff as a weapon.

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A middle-aged man, 2.5 meter tall with a short green hair and a seal of a white flame located in the center of his forehead.

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He went to Mt. Blackraven with Osenno to kill Linley. Unfortunaly they encountred Desri while he came to visit Linley who made them agree on within the next twenty years, the radiant church is not to act against Linley and they are forever forbidden from harming his family and friends. In exchange for Linley only being allowed to seek revenge on his own including his magical beast.

They also signed a treaty preventing the radiant church, the cult of shadows and Linley from using saint level combatant in battle.If any side goes against it then the other three sides will join forces to destroy them.

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