Summary Edit

Magicite gems are crystallized elemental essence. They act similarly to magicite cores, but they are formed naturally underground and have to be mined. The only mine that is comparable in worth to magicite gem mines are mithril mines. Natural magicite gems usually cannot compare in power to magicite cores from magical beasts, with certain exceptions.

Ranks Edit

-  Low quality

  • Worth about 10 gold coins. Equivalent to a magicite core of the 3rd rank

-  Middle-quality

  • Worth about 100 gold coins. Equivalent to a magicite core of the 4th/5th rank

-  High-quality

  • Worth about 1000 gold coins. Equivalent to a magicite core of the 6th rank

-  Top-quality

  • Worth about 10000 gold coins. It is still not as good as a magicite core of the 7th rank, but better than magicite cores of the 6th rank

-  ??-quality (unofficial rank as there is currently no name for this rank)

  • Equivalent to magicite cores of the 7th, 8th and 9th rank. Worth several hundred thousand to several million gold coins

Uses Edit

Trivia Edit

There is a secret chamber that greatly enhances cultivation inside a magicite mine located in the Baruch Empire.

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