The Coiling Dragon series is currently being adopted into a Manhua named Panlong, aka Coiling Dragon.

The Manhua version is also being translated and is available at most manga hosting sites.

The raw Manhua is currently around chapter 127 while the translated version is somewhere around 40 chapters earlier. (around 90 at this moment of writing).


For this wiki, characters will have their Manhua-adaption added to their respective galleries when they are available. Their previous images wll also be included.

Notable differences with the LN Edit

Doehring Cowart is depicted as a womand instead of an elderly man and is named "Delin Cowart".

When Delia Leon and Linley Baruch part after the death of his father they share a hug instead of the kiss depicted in the book.

Placeholder 1Edit

Chapter Title

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Chapter Title

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