Duke Meritt is the Right Premier of the Kingdom of Fenlai, he is over seventy years old, but as a fairly powerful warrior, he looked as though he were only in his middle years. He was put in charge of investigating the Debbs clan's involvement in the water jade smuggling operation. Despite Meritt having twelve wives, he tried to sieze the opportunity to get Alice to sleep with him, promising to save the Deb clan.

Meritt was latter killed by Linley, but not because of the wrongs he did, but because Meritt was at the wrong place at the wrong time, while Linley was dealing with King clayde he had few seconds to spare and snaped Meritt's throat. The last thing on Meritt's mind was a woman...... “If I had known that I would die in Linley’s hands, then…that day…I shouldn’t have let Alice slip through my fingers.” 

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