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Name Ojwin
Also known as
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color
Family Kingsley (Son) (Deceased)
Magical Beast
Ranks God
Profound Laws Profound Laws of Light

Profound Laws of Fire

Home Yulan Plane
Manhua Debut
Light Novel Debut

Appearance Edit

Middle-aged with golden hair.

History Edit

Ojwin is a God level expert that escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison when Olivier accidentally broke The Great Botha Levee, destroying the magical formation.[1]

After escaping he attacks Baruch Empires imperial palace killing everybody except for Cena and Ankh, thus taking of Baruch Empire.

But since the citizens of Baruch Empire still worshiped Linley, Ojwin plotted to kill him and make up a story to make him look like the bad guy, Ojwin led a group of fifty to sixty or so other experts to Dragonblood Castle to kill him.[2]

Linley, Desri, and Olivier have a confrontation with Ojwin with the end result being Desri's divine light clone being destroyed and Ojwins son Kingsley and a black-robed expert being killed. Ojwin enraged that his son was just killed attacks Olivier and Linley, but before he is able to kill them, Tarosse and Dylin interfere forcing Ojwin to retreat.[3]

Tarosse then pays a visit to the Imperial capital of the Baruch Empire forcing Ojwin to leave.[4]

Reference Edit

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