Orloff is the Chief Sovereign of Fate and the other personality of Chief Sovereign of Light Augusta.


Orloff has the appearance of a white-haired, white-robed elder[1].


Since he is of the Bula Race, his personality is the complete opposite of Augusta's. He is very calm and has no desires aside from becoming stronger. It is mentioned that he never indulges himself in any pleasures except for training and developing new techniques.


Orloff is the Chief Sovereign of Fate, one of the Four Edicts, and Chief Sovereign of Light as Augusta, his second personality.After his other clone Augusta is killed by Linley, They engage in battle and is revealed that he possess three Overgod Artifacts(defensive, soul protecting, and a weapon). Linley knowing this realizes that he has no chance in beating Orloff, and decides to flee. While fleeing Orloff steadily catches up to Linley and attacks him with Samsara Transcendence, knocking Linley's sword flying away. Linley the flies towards a group of Sovereigns with Borte in it, killing him and fusing with his fire-type sovereign spark.[2]While Linley's fusing with the Sovereign spark and his body going through a transformation Orloff attacks him with Samsara Transcendence again only leaving a scratch on his chest, which quickly heals. After seeing Linley's new-found power he decides to flee to his own material plane and research to eventually surpass Linley, but Linley with a flash of his body appears in front of Orloff. Knowing that he has no chance of resistance, he asks Linley to use his most powerful attack to kill him. Linley feeling some admiration for Orloff uses "Sword Intent", his most powerful attack, killing Orloff.[3]


His three Overgod artifacts where destroyed upon his death.


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