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Name Rebecca
Also known as
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Leena (Sister)

Gates Armand (Husband)

Allies Linley Baruch
Magical Beast
Affiliation Baruch Empire
Ranks Saint
Profound Laws Edicts of Death (Necromancy)
Home Dragonblood Castle
Manhua Debut
Light Novel Debut

 Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Rebecca is said to have a more playful personality than her sister.

History Edit

Both Rebecca and her sister Leena were captured by the Radiant Church with the intention of being turned into a sacrifice to the Radiant Sovereign. They were both saved by Linley and Zassler while they were being transported to the Radiant Church[1]. Afterwards, they continued to stay with their saviors and even began training in Necromancy as Zassler noted that they met the very harsh requirements needed to study this magic.

Rebecca later marries Gates Armand[2].

Trivia Edit

References Edit

  1. Book 8, Chapter 28
  2. Book 10, Chapter 48

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