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Name Shaq
Also known as Second Prince
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 2m
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family King Clayde
Magical Beast
Occupation Prince of Kingdom of Fenlai (Former)
Affiliation Kingdom of Fenlai (Dissolved)

Holy Union

Radiant Church

Profound Laws
Manhua Debut
Light Novel Debut

Second Prince Shaq of the Kingdom of Fenlai is the second son of King Clayde. After escaping from Fenlai City, after Apocalypse Day, he meets up with Linley Baruch , who, unknowingly to the prince, wants to kill King Clayde.

On their journey, they meet Prince Louis from the Kingdom of Huanmu. After watching Prince Louis' group fight fire lions for a while, waiting for a few more men to die, Prince Shaq finally decides to intervene save the Huanmu Prince. Prince Louis is very gratified, but when Prince Louis has his men gather the bags of the deceased, Prince Shaq gets suspicious.

Indeed, not much later he asks Linley to assist him in killing Prince Louis' group. In return, Liney would recieve two shares of the treasure bags, and on of those shares that Linley chooses happens to hold a thousand pound, fist sized chunk of Adamantine Ore, an extremely tough ore that can only be found in the upper planes.

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