Stehle was the leader of the Special Executors of the Ecclasiastical Tribunal. Even though he is only a Special Executor, he is still considered in equal in martial might with Praetor Osenno.


He is rather short, being only 1.7 meters tall, and he has short white hair. He was very sharp eyes, almost like knife blades, and looks like a middle aged man.


After Linley freed Zassler , and the Radiant Church discovered the death of several of their ninth rank combatants, including Cardinal Lambert, Stehle was sent to escort the captured Armand brothers for their bodies. The Armand brothers were wanted for bodies, which were ranked as eight in body alone, without event a hint of battle-qi.

Then, when Linley and Zassler set out to rescue the brothers, Stehle stops them, nearly killing Linley. However, just a split second before Stehle actually killed Linley, Cesar, the King of Killers, arrives and stops him. As it turns out, Cesar actually ascended to the Deity realm two years ago, and easily saves them. However, initially, he agrees to have Stehle take the Armand brothers. But suddenly, he decides to save them anyways.[1]

As it turned out, the brothers were the descendants of Cesar's closest friend, Armand , the Undying Warrior of the Supreme Warrior Clans![2]


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