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Name Tarosse
Also known as
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Ba-Serpent
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Allies Linley Baruch
Magical Beast
Ranks Highgod
Profound Laws Profound Laws of Water

Edicts of Destruction

Home Yulan Plane (South Sea)

Bloodridge Continent (Present)

Manhua Debut
Light Novel Debut

Tarosse is a Ba-Serpent and the guardian of the Necropolis of the Gods and a highgod.

 Appearance Edit

In human form, he has the appearance of a devilish green-haired youngster.

In Serpent form, he is an enormous serpent with a total length of nearly 10 kilometers.

Personality Edit

History Edit

He is also known as the Ba-Serpent, the deity guardian of the first eleven floors of the Necropolis of the Gods of the Southern Sea.

He was located on the third floor of the Necropolis and managed to kill many Saints. He, however, spared Barker's life[1].

After the events of the descent of Deities in the Yulan Plane, he, alongside Dylin, O'Brien and Cesar decide to travel to the Higher Planes, specifically, the Infernal Realm[2].

At the Miluo Island in the Starmist Sea, after having settled down together with Dylin, Cesar and O'Brien, he managed to attain the Highgod Rank[3]. Later, while living on the island, they were reunited with Linley and his group[4].

After having been freed from the Soulseed of Mosi Bagshaw, he and Dylin joined Linley's group in their venture towards the Bloodridge Continent[5].

Upon reaching the indigo prefecture, he and the other first lived with Linle within the beast clan. However he soon feel bored and decided to buy a large estate within Meer city.

He lives with Dylin, Dylin's son, Cesar and O'Brien in this estate.

Trivia Edit

Became a Highgod on his own.[6]

References Edit

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