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  • Esmorax

    Intent to adopt the wiki :)

    December 16, 2015 by Esmorax

    Hello everyone! 

    I have just created a forum post about my intention and this blogpost is there also to aide and let you fellow contributors voice your oppinions!

    The message of the forum post is as following:

    "Recently I discovered this awesome series and with it this nice wiki too! I have set my mind on improving this wiki and bringing it to new heights! I will be editing (occassionally) but it will be more or less a permanent venture for me in the forseeable future to improve and update this wiki with any new or missing information despite the Manhua being complete.

    This all being said, its a huge job I cannot do on my own and I hope that we all will be able to complete this wiki together! 

    If there is anything regarding to this series, plea…

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  • Esmorax

    Hi all!

    I recently started with the Coiling Dragon series and have to say I am very fond of it!

    As I was browsing I found this nice wiki! However, it turned out to be incomplete on a huge scale. I will do my best to improve this wiki and try to make it worthy of the series. Anyway, if nothign else, let's all have fun at the series and hopefully create an even better wiki for future fans!


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