Hello everyone! 

I have just created a forum post about my intention and this blogpost is there also to aide and let you fellow contributors voice your oppinions!

The message of the forum post is as following:

"Recently I discovered this awesome series and with it this nice wiki too! I have set my mind on improving this wiki and bringing it to new heights! I will be editing (occassionally) but it will be more or less a permanent venture for me in the forseeable future to improve and update this wiki with any new or missing information despite the Manhua being complete.

This all being said, its a huge job I cannot do on my own and I hope that we all will be able to complete this wiki together! 

If there is anything regarding to this series, please do not hesitate to drop me a message and I will help you to my best extent! (Currently at volume 10 though so my knowledge will gradually improve :d)

I have Opened this post to announce my intention to adopt this wiki as well as give all active contributors the chance to voice their opinions. I believe that having Admin rights will benefit the improvements of this wiki!

Finally, I hope you all will comply with me adopting this wiki as the former founder (and only Administrator) seems to have left this wiki (over 6 months absence) and I hope we can grow into a much more active community.Thanks!


I look forward to working with you all!

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