Warblade Slaughterer is the Ancestral heirloom of the Baruch Clan.

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The Warblade Slaughterer was formerly the weapon of the first Dragonblood Warrior Baruch, who used it to dominate the Yulan continent. After Baruch left the Yulan continent for the Infernal Realm, it was left behind for some reason as an ancestral heirloom. Several generations before the start of the story, a descendant of Baruch who loved luxury sold it for 180,000 gold coins, but Linley was able to get it back for 360,000 gold coins (due to inflation 180,000 gold coins in the past = about 400,000 gold coins now, though the actual value of Slaughterer now is worth about 1 million gold coins) and a carved signature[1]. He then gave it to Wharton, who has been the wielder ever since. It is a strong weapon, capable of clashing and cutting through with the defense of Saint-level magical beasts without breaking (known as Baruch used it to kill several high-peak Saint level magical beasts in the past).

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The Warblade Slaughterer is a giant warblade that emanates killing aura and is tinted with a slight bloody color. The cold killing aura and bloody aura that the blade emits can fill an entire hall in an instant.

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